How to Give a Killer Presentation and other resources

Whether you are a corporate trainer, public speaker or looking for better ways to train and develop people, you probably look for better ways to make an impact in your communication. I am always learning better ways to present, train and facilitate learning with leaders around the world.  I came across a few ideas today... Continue Reading →

Making Training Fun

What if something as simple as fun could be the easiest way to change people’s behavior for the better? I just watched this video from What if we applied the fun principle to our teaching and training? What if we used fun to change organizational culture? What making training fun is NOT:  Fun... Continue Reading →

Eight Distinctions of a World Class Presenter

Leaders continually communicate. We present ideas to set direction and introduce change. As spokespersons, we extend to others an opportunity to be involved in something that resonates with their own values; we communicate our ideas to influence others to join with us to accomplish mutual goals. We employ the influence skills of vision casting, strategy formulation,... Continue Reading →

What Makes a Marriage Last?

Andrea Buczynski shares a wonderful story of times with Howard and Jeanne Hendricks. I took a couple classes with him many years ago. Dr. Hendricks, endearingly known as “Prof” by the thousands of students whose lives he touched through his teaching and example, recently passed away. Andrea writes a wonderful tribute to him. Loving deeply requires working as a team in marriage: communicating, commitment and resolving conflict. Enjoy the post and be sure to watch the video: What Makes a Marriage Last?

AB Reflections

I was mentally pinching myself.  Seated around the dinner table were my team-mates and Howard and Jeanne Hendricks. He had been a conference speaker for our organization many times.  He was notoriously funny and to the point.  The consummate teacher, he could turn a phrase into a long term memory.

What an amazing evening!  As we feasted on barbecue, they shared many of their stories and their wisdom. We laughed; we cried. We asked questions- tons of questions.  They were so gracious to invest the time with us.

What impressed me the most was Dr. Hendricks’ deliberate invitation to draw  Jeanne into the conversation.  One of us would ask him a question, and he would look across the table at Jeanne and say, “Jeanne can tell you more about that than I can.”  While he could have regaled us with many stories of his own, he chose to make it…

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