how questions can change our relationships

I recently read Michael Bungay Stanier’s book, “The Coaching Habit”. It was one of the best coaching books I’ve read. My wife, Terry also read it and summarized the book in a post on her blog. Check it out,

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Hi, friends!

It’s been a while. I have not had the mental space to write clear thoughts for a long time. However, today is the day. I received the fun (and motivating) notification that this blog has had over 100,000 all-time views(!), and I finished a book that I liked a lot and want to share with you. When I share my learning with others, it sticks better with me, so thank you for helping me out by reading this post. The added plus is that I think you will learn things that are also helpful for you.

The book I finished is called “The Coaching Habit,” written by a coaching guru, born in Australia, now living in Canada, named Michael Bungay Stanier (MBS). He writes with humor and wit; the book is easy-to-apply practical and deeply wise.

The book’s premise is “say less…

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      1. See what I mean? A question that delves deeper than an immediate surface answer and requires someone to consider how to respond. Often bringing up discussions. You to a T, my friend.

  1. Dayle, I appreciate your encouragement and engagement. Yes, questions can be so powerful. Last year my son asked me a question during the COVID pandemic: “Dad, what are you proud of this year?” That question set off a series of thoughts and discussions with him, with my family, my team, and others. Obviously, it is still on my mind nine months later. A great question is so simple, scalable, and powerful like that.

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