Global Leadership Summit 2014 Highlights-Day One

Here are some of the days top quotes, tweets and pictures that capture a few of the highlights from Day One of the Global Leadership Summit at Willow Creek. #GLS14

Bill Hybels @BillHybels  Founder and Senior Pastor, Willow Creek Community Church

bill hybels

  • Everyone wins when a leader gets better.
  • People are more important than the vision.  Don’t make people pay because you are so fired up about your vision.
  • All leadership is intensely spiritual.
  • Great leadership is relentlessly developmental.
  • Find and develop leaders who are “owners”, not “hirelings”.

Picture credit: 15 Essential Quotes by Bill Hybels from the summit at

Carly Fiorina @CarlyFiorina  Former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, Chairman of Good 360

carly fiorina

Photo Credit: Willow Creek @wagls

Susan Cain  @susancain  Best-selling Author, Viral TED speaker on the The Power of Introverts

  • @wcagls  “Harness the power of introverts as well as extroverts.”
  • @Leadership_Jnl: “We need to invite the small, still voice back into our organizations.”

Patrick Lencioni @patricklencioni  Best-selling Author, Founder and President of The Table Group

  • Tweet by @Leadership Journal: “I’m tired of hearing about servant leadership. Why? Because there isn’t any other kind.”  @patricklencioni
  • Tweet by @willmancini: “A true leader sacrifices themselves for well-being of others w/o a guarantee of a ROI.”  @patricklencioni
  • Tweet by @bradbridges: “3 most dangerous mistakes leaders make: 1- Becoming a leader for the wrong reason. 2- Failing to embrace vulnerability. 3- Making leadership too important.”  @patricklencioni

What was your favorite tweet of the day?

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  1. I was particularly encouraged by the tweet that said they were sick of hearing about servant leaders because there are no other kinds. When do you think we’ll finally grasp the enormity of that? Thanks for the update, Steve. Great stuff.

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